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Egal Net develops applications for mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. It offers high-quality and high-performance products, introducing innovative projects with the best user experience.

segno-di-spunta-blu  Successful projects carefully crafted to the smallest detail.

  Native apps.

  Constant testing.

Egal Net


Sviluppo applicazioni Android
Android development

Applications for Android and iOS mobile devices written in Java and Kotlin with Android Studio development environment. The apps are constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems.

Sviluppo applicazioni per iOS
iOS development

Application development exists for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The apps are written in Objective-C and Swift with Xcode development environment. Compatible with iOS 9 and higher.

Software Development
Desktop development

Development of desktop cross-platform applications (Windows, Mac, Linux) written in Java. The Virtual Machine allows for the same code even on different operating systems.




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