Full Changelog

PV Calculations


September 15, 2023
* Fix: Entering negative longitude


September 11, 2023
* New: Occupied surface
* New: Hours of daylight during the year
* Mod: New email address for contact us
* Mod: build.gradle rewrited in Kotlin


July 10, 2023
* Add: Danish, Greek, Finnish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese (PT), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Czech, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Traditional Chinese languages
* Fix: Minor bug fix


June 28, 2023
* Mod: Improved checking for updates
* Add: Polish language (by Eugeniusz)
* Fix: Crash by entering a temperature coefficient = 0
* Fix: General update of the languages
* Upd: Ad consent manager
* Fix: Minor bug fix


May  04, 2023
* Add: Choice of the default standard (IEC or NEC) in the settings
* Mod: Improved the calculation of the protection device
* Fix: Compass and tilt in landscape mode
* Fix: Default length unit in efficiency calculation
* Fix: Minor bug fix


March 27, 2023
* New: Decay of photovoltaic panels over the years
* Fix: Crash when editing favorites
* Fix: The translation tool was not sending the email correctly
* Upd: Updated some external libraries
* Upd: Target SDK 33


March, 22, 2023
* App release