Full Changelog



June 03, 2024
* New: Save as PDF
* Upd: Target SDK 34
* Upd: Some external libraries have been updated


May 15, 2024
* Fix: Vulnerability in reCAPTCHA Enterprise for Mobile SDK
* Upd: Turkish language (by WINZORT)
* Upd: General update of the languages


May 06, 2024
* Upd: German language (by Joachim Weber and Fabian)
* Upd: Polish language (by Pietia)


February 21, 2024
* Upd: Polish language (by Etaro)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Jonathan Bout)
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Fix: Removing token on logout


February 07, 2024
* Fix: Correction of copying files with names containing an apostrophe
* Upd: Dutch language (by Jonathan Bout)
* Upd: Persian language (by Alexa)
* Upd: General update of the languages


January 09/01/2024
* Add: Viewing the list of notifications sent by the Raspberry Pi
* Fix: DHT reading
* Mod: Update some external libraries
* Mod: Various graphic renovations for dark theme
* Fix: Restarting the app when you reset settings
* Fix: CVE-2023-48795 Terrapin vulnerability


January 02/01/2024
* Add: Ability to choose the “pinctrl” command for GPIOs management (compatible with Raspberry Pi 5)
* Add: Ability to choose between multiple cameras using “libcamera”
* Fix: DHT sensor readings on Raspberr Pi 5
* Mod: Improved identification of USB video devices
* Add: Possibility to clear the settings relating to the configured device without removing it
* Add: Link to the guide for installing pinctrl in unsupported distributions
* Upd: German language (by Joachim Weber)
* Upd: General update of the languages


December 12,2023
* Add: Possibility to benefit from a free trial period
* Mod: The paywall has been renewed
* Mod: Improved purchasing and license management
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Fix: Minor bug fix


November 14, 2023
* Add: Default command for alternative GPIO functions
* Add: Info about the OS architecture
* Add: Macedonian language (by Denovi Mk)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Jonathan Bout)
* Upd: Hindi language (by Tanveer Bindra)
* Upd: German language (by hertz)
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Upd: Updated some external libraries


October 02, 2023
* New: Notifications from Raspberry Pi
* Upd: Spanish language (by mavendanor)
* Upd: Norwegian language (by Wizaaard)
* Upd: Hindi language (by Tanveer Bindra)


September 04, 2023
* New: Notifications from Raspberry Pi (only BETA version)
* New: Keeps the screen on when using the shell
* Add: Ability to set the quality “Very high” of the camera
* Add: Ability to disable the “Immediate” parameter of the camera to use ArduCam’s autofocus correctly
* Add: Calculation of altitude from sea level pressure and vice versa (BMP sensor)
* Add: Ability to copy the public SSH key to the Raspberry Pi
* Add: Choice of unit of measurement between meters and feet
* Fix: Creation of Widgets
* Imp: The app remembers which command tab was used last
* Mod: New email address for contact us
* Add: Albanian language [partial] (by Edit Axha)
* Upd: Some corrections in the Italian language (by Jappy)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by startgo)
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Fix: Crash when searching for an update
* Mod: build.gradle rewrited in Kotlin


June 19, 2023
* Fix: The translation tool was not sending the email correctly
* Fix: Reverse video in the shell
* Mod: Improved checking for updates
* Upd: Czech language (by Scrow)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese languge (by Yong Wu)
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Upd: Updated some external libraries
* Upd: Target SDK 33
* Upd: Ad consent manager


February 21, 2023
* Fix: Wol button height
* Upd: Turkish language (by Melih Can Demir)
* Upd: Russian langauge (by Penggrin)
* Fix: Minor bug fix


December 20, 2022
* Fix: Device sorting
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Dutch language (by HnsMldr)


November 29, 2022
* Fix: “Network on main thread” error when importing a key
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Caca)
* Upd: Norwegian language (by Wizaaard)
* Upd: General update of the languages


October 15, 2022
* Fix: Some links to resources


October 10, 2022
* New: Ability to see reachable hosts
* Mod: Widgets now also follow the light / dark theme
* Fix: Network speed gauge
* Upd: Arabic language (by DZ Inventors)
* Upd: German language
* Upd: Hindi language
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language
* Upd: Vietnamese language
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Fix: Interstitial manager
* Fix: Minor bug fix


August 19, 2022
* Add: Ability to modify shutdown / restart commands
* Add: SSH key generation
* Add: Raspberry Pico W pinout
* Upd: Vietnamese language
* Upd: Polish language (by Gabriel Markowski and Bartek)
* Fix: Crash when entering a new language in the Translator Tool


June 22, 2022
* Mod: Improved the handling of the terminal keys
* Add: Ability to view the password
* Fix: Monospace font on terminal view
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Aaron Lu)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by NR-SkaterBoy)
* Upd: Korean language (by Jeong Jimin)
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)


May 25, 2022
* Upd: Updated SSH libraries
* Mod: The Sense Hat script now uses python 3
* Imp: Cold start times have been improved
* Upd: German language (by n1ssy)
* Mod: AdMob Mediation


May 09, 2022
* New: Camera images using the new libcamera (Raspberry OS Bullseye only)
* New: Ability to set the margins of the terminal
* Add: Button to reset camera settings
* Upd: Improved compatibility with Android 12
* Upd: Updated some external libraries
* Fix: Links to some resources
* Fix: Display of the function list with the device already connected
* Fix: Back button on the Shell
* Fix: Scrolling in the shell brings up the keyboard
* Fix: Shutdown and reboot command on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS
* Fix: Improved the package installation verification command
* Upd: Polish language (by Tomek Bielaszewski)
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Beha Janda)
* Upd: Catalan language (by Nil Caballero i Milà (Nilcm01))
* Upd: Dutch language (by Jonathan Bout)
* Upd: French language (by HugoLeBG)


March 08, 2022
* Mod: Improved detection of 32 or 64 bits operating system
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: General update of the languages


February 07, 2022
* Add: “Info Raspberry Pi” now shows whether the operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit
* Fix: Shell text size management
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Polish language (by Pietia)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by Wolf yuan)


January 31, 2022
* Mod: Move the default “shutdown/reboot” commands a few places
* Fix: Bug showing “Add” button on some empty folders
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Updated some external libraries
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by KylinDemons)
* Upd: French language (by Sébastien Pivain-Leroy)
* Upd: General update of the languages


December 29, 2021
* Mod: Improved license management
* Mod: Improved additional shell buttons
* Upd: Polish language (by Patryk Plociennik)
* Upd: German language (by Robert and Jacqueline Klein)
* Upd: Russian language (by vasheChydo)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Mhamad Awidah)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Tokkes)


November 14, 2021
* Add: Network data monitoring
* Add: Default commands
* Add: Shell text size with volume up / down keys
* Fix: Folder size reading
* Fix: Zip Path Traversal Vulnerability
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Brain Fox)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by RainThings)
* Upd: Czech language (by TyphousCrane654)


October 22, 2021
* Add: Lifetime purchase
* Mod: Improved the speed of copying files between remote locations
* Fix: Cut / paste function of files
* Fix: DS18B20 sensor reading with address other than 28-*
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Bouncy Castle provider
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Abdi)
* Upd: Czech language (by Weedy san and Zbýňa)
* Upd: German language (by RollifahrerMike)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by wekkin)


August 30, 2021
* Mod: Renewed the file manager
* Fix: File for reading the BMP sensor
* Add: Ukrainian language (by Brain Fox)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by 萌域)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by zuip)
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by Todor Stanev)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas and Justin Braun)
* Upd: Arabic language (by AHMED)
* Upd: Japanese language (by Syuugo)
* Upd: Russian language (by vasheChydo)
* Upd: Polish language (by Gabriel Markowski)


June 07, 2021
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Fix: Error displaying processes containing the character “,”
* Mod: Improved the GDPR consent dialog
* Fix: Translation upload
* Upd: Polish language (by SeaN. and Gabriel Markowski)
* Upd: Swedish language [partial] (by Hugo Löfgren)
* Upd: General update of the languages


April 21, 2021
* Fix: TransactionTooLargeException with TextEditor
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Polish language (by Gabriel Markowski)
* Upd: Finnish language (by HugoCraft_)
* Upd: Hebrew language (by HighGamerIL)
* Upd: Czech language (by Vito)
* Upd: French language (by Nathanaël Placide and HugoCraft_)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by hwcwy)
* Upd: Romanian language (by Yirade)
* Upd: Korean language (by Kty)


March 25, 2021
* Imp: Apt update timeout
* Imp: Improved reading of monitoring data
* Fix: Fn buttons
* Upd: Korean language (by Kty)
* Upd: Polish language (by Maciek)
* Upd: Romanian language (by g)


March 07, 2021
* New: Graphical interface renewed
* Imp: Various improvements
* Upd: Turkish language (by Serkan AYAZ)
* Upd: German language (by Fran)
* Upd: Norwegian language (by Wizaaard)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Hindi language (by Rohtash Kumar)
* Upd: Greek language (by Costas Petridis)
* Upd: Korean language (by Kty)
* Fix: Minor bug fix


February 14, 2021
* Fix: Bug Info Raspberry con utente root
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua cinese semplificata (by taotieren)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua indonesiana (by Samsul M)


February 07, 2021
* Fix: Negative temperatures with DHT22 sensor
* Imp: Improved DHT sensor reading
* Imp: Various pinouts
* Add: Pinout Raspberry Pico
* Fix: Information search interruption in absence of connection
* Fix: Send bash commands
* Fix: Duplicate custom command
* Add: Restore old key via the settings menu
* Upd: Korean language (by Kty)
* Upd: German language (by Schnuecks)
* Add: Hebrew language [partial] (by Shalom Ayash)
* Upd: Greek language (by SotirisPandis)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Muhammad Saber)
* Upd: Polish language (by maniek)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Axton)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Japanese language
* Upd: General update of the languages


January 04, 2021
* New: Splash image
* Add: Full screen mode in the SSH Shell
* Mod: Improved CPU current frequency reading
* Fix: Double notification when copying files
* Fix: Invalid link makes the folder unreadable
* Fix: Home dir
* Fix: Bug TagForUnderAge
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)
* Upd: Slovak language (by Swingal)
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by Salsichascomtrigo)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Rafael Oliveira)
* Upd: German language (by flix, Nico Ruder and e.wbc)
* Upd: Russian language (by Kirill Obodenko)
* Upd: Turkish language (by pearlyhell)
* Upd: Korean language (by Kty)


Deccember 15, 2020
* Add: Resources: How to enable I2C and 1-wire interfaces
* Fix: CPU Freq bug
* Fix: SFTP package not found
* Fix: Currency code bug in subscription price
* Fix: Command paths
* Fix: Show keyboard by touch of the text editor
* Upd: German language (by Jens H)
* Upd: Simplified chinese language (by fumoumou)
* Upd: Polish language (by leon24xxx)
* Upd: Czech language (by Pavel Peterka)


December 09, 2020
* Add: CPU frequency in the “Monitoring” function
* Mod: Improved the use of python3
* Mod: Using “ip” command instead of “ifconfig” to read network data
* Upd: Finnish language (by Gagaposs and Joonas Jokinen)
* Upd: Romanian language (by Zcoder.ro)
* Upd: Polish language (by Carlos Trötsch)
* Upd: Slovak language (by Marek Valkovic and Swingal)
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Anton)
* Upd: General update of the languages


November 09, 2020
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Upd: Czech language (by Karel Husa and Šebestíček)
* Upd: Finnish language [partial] (by Gagaposs)
* Upd: German language (by Uwe, Schnuecks and Schneeflocke)
* Upd: French language (by GeekCorner)
* Upd: Romanian language (by Zcoder.ro)
* Add: Telugu language [partial] (by Mohammad Pasha)
* Add: Azerbaijani language [partial] (by Rahid Alekberli)
* Upd: General update of the languages


October 19, 2020
* Add: In-App Purchases
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Fix: Copy service
* Upd: Dutch language (by Ilco Everraert)
* Upd: Arabic language [partial] (by Abdullah Hassan Izaldeen)
* Add: Lithuanian language [partial] (by Borkiechow)


October 05, 2020
* Fix: Various bug fixes
* Upd: Czech language (by Liborec)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Wang Chenshuai)
* Upd: General update of languages


September 21, 2020
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Add: Setting to disable the changelog at each update
* Upd: German language (by DubHacker and Jens H)


September 14, 2020
* New: Support for USB cameras
* New: Support for BMP388 sensor
* New: Search for network connected devices
* New: Ability to hide unused functions
* Mod: Shell in background
* New: Verify of the host key
* New: Possibility to use ED25519 keys
* New: Possibility to duplicate the device
* Mod: Improved the file manager
* Mod: Migration to the new “sshj” library
* Imp: Taking long screenshots
* Fix: English language (by Seb512)
* Upd: Greek language (by Chris Karasoulis and Marios Yiannakou)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček and Blboun)
* Upd: Croatian language (by @emelin.2004)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Alhawey)
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)
* Upd: Simplied Chinese language (by Zhang Zhenguo)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by Cawiahr)
* Upd: Dutch language (by J. Bakers)
* Upd: Polish language (by Kawyss)
* Upd: Russian language (by Nikita_Cloud, flipp3r and vasheChydo)
* Upd: German language (by Francesco Baciu)
* Upd: Spanish language (by HipyCas)
* Add: Malesian language [partial] (by Dr Isaac Andy)


July 22, 2020
* New: App icon
* Add: Hostname and FQDNs to “Raspberry Info”
* Add: Long press on the arrow keys
* Fix: Resizing of the terminal
* Fix: User widgets backup
* Mod: Native ads
* Fix: English language (by Seb512)
* Upd: Finnish language (by Joonas Jokinen)
* Upd: Russian language (by alexrusanov)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Koen Zomers)
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Sony Bejo)
* Upd: Greek language (by Chris Karasoulis)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Tamim Hamrit)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Fix: Minor bugfix


June 19, 2020
* Fix: Integration with Tasker
* Upd: Romanian language (by Alex Petrica)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by Vũ Trương Hải Nam)
* Fix: Minor bugfix


June 09, 2020
* Upd: German language (by kurb)
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Liqiang Shen)
* Upd: Romanian language (by Costin Răducanu)
* Fix: I2C address


May 18, 2020
* Add: Croatian language (by robi052)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Dr_zieb)
* Upd: Danish language (by Tommy Balle)
* Upd: French language (by rhubarbz)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: General update of languages


April 06, 2020
* Add: Resource section expanded
* Fix: Send “keep alive” command on the shell
* Fix: Connection with some keyboards on the Shell
* Upd: Spanish language (by xkoalax)
* Upd: Indonesian language [partial] (by Samsul M)
* Upd: Russian language (by vasheChydo)
* Upd: Polish language (by suchyindustries and Wegosh)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by jerrycashmoney)


March 09, 2020
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Russian language (by LightNight)
* Fix: Crash of the File Manager


March 09, 2020
* Imp: Various improvements to the SSH Shell
* Imp: Improved gauge layout
* Fix: Send text with Sense Hat Panel
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by zhou wenqing and meng.gzd)
* Upd: Polish language (by suchyindustries)
* Upd: General language update


February 26, 2020
* New: Custom user widgets
* New: Process list
* New: Gauge to show the results
* Add: Support for BMP280 sensor
* Imp: Improved speed of DHT sensor
* Fix: Password displayed in the Raspberry’s responses
* Fix: Displaying decimal numbers in “Monitoring”
* Fix: Uptime
* Fix: Test connection task
* Imp: Deleting old python files
* Add: Side menu
* Fix: Landscape layout of “Custom user widgets”
* Fix: Minor bugfix


February 24, 2020
* Add: Korean language [partial] (by Ael)
* Add: Latvian language [partial] (by Kristaps Muižnieks)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Cjk, RED NENO and meng.gzd)
* Upd: Czech language (by Newmax)
* Upd: German language (by MotherRussia161, Txbiaaas, Commander_Jameson, Gamer153 and jneissl27)
* Upd: Greek language (by Chris Karasoulis)
* Upd: Spanish language (by Agranielr)
* Upd: Polish language (by karnasw, Damian and Jakub Kowal)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Petrus Alves)
* Upd: Russian language (by Woodych)


January 22, 2020
* Fix: Display of Wake On Lan devices


January 21, 2020
* Add: Full screen mode for the camera
* Add: Pinch to zoom in the camera view
* Add: Request permissions before installing packages
* Upd: Identification of the revision “c03112”
* Upd: Arabic language (by Wadfur)
* Upd: German language (by Techno)
* Upd: Slovenian language (by Triocoder Translations)
* Upd: General language update


January 07, 2020
* Fix: Unicode characters in the Shell
* Fix: Crash with shutdown/reboot dialog
* Fix: CPU temperature monitoring
* Imp: Dialog for invalid OS
* Add: Arabic language (by Wadfur and Hassan Maher)
* Upd: Polish language (by Jakub)
* Upd: Persian language (by saeed and Aydin)
* Upd: Slovak language (by Skorec)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by Addam)


December 16, 2019
* Upd: Spanish language (by Migui and Gian Flower)
* Upd: Simplified and Traditional Chinese language (by zhou wenqing)
* Upd: Turkish language (by barisbasturk and Murat YUMUŞAK)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by MagicMisi)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Sam)
* Upd: French language (by Alessandro D’Angelo)
* Add: Luxemburgisch language [partial] (by Charel Ries)
* Upd: General language update


November 04, 2019
* Add: Pinout of the Raspberry PI 4
* Add: “AWB greyworld” in the Camera Settings
* Imp: Improved readability of some diagrams on low resolution devices
* Upd: Updated some script
* Upd: FAQ for RSA authentication
* Fix: Shell print
* Fix: Copy very long text in the shell clipboard
* Fix: ClassNotFoundException: org.ietf.jgss.Oid
* Fix: Password app
* Fix: IndexOutOfBoundException in the Text Editor
* Upd: Czech language (by JaVlk)


October 21, 2019
* Fix: Sorting files and folders
* Fix: Problems reading some folders with File Manager
* Fix: Copy files with parentheses
* Fix: Reading with sudo command
* Fix: Crash when backing up in read-only locations
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Add: Bosnian language (by Nale)
* Upd: German language (by Bladehunt0)
* Upd: Russian language (by programmer and TheNayt)
* Upd: Polish language (by Michal Guba)


September 17, 2019
* New: Plugin for Tasker app
* Fix: Widget for shutdown / reboot
* Fix: Bug “CAPS”
* Fix: Bug “remove device”
* Imp: All picker files have been replaced by Android SAF Framework
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by Art69itech)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Kuiakin Toscan)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by Jakab Gábor)
* Upd: Slovak language (by mijantoSVK)


September 02, 2019
* New: Various graphical interface improvements
* New: Widget for shutdown / reboot
* Add: Possibility to order the device list
* Add: Possibility to order the gpio list
* Add: Disk monitoring also includes removable devices
* Add: Copy/Paste on long press in the shell
* Add: Use the “Dark theme” according to the system settings in Android P and above
* Mod: Each screen shows the name of the current device
* Mod: Each Gpio can be modified individually
* Imp: Make/Restore backup now uses the Android SAF Framework
* Imp: Values expressed in MB in “Info Raspberry PI”
* Imp: File Manager improvements
* Imp: Symbolic link management
* Fix: PTY Size of the terminal
* Fix: Ctrl button with Gboard
* Fix: Key verification
* Upd: Dutch language (by Raac)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Kuiakin Toscan and Celso)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Murat YUMUŞAK and Ayhan Erdem)
* Upd: Czech language (by Newmax)
* Upd: Slovenian language (by ziga and Triocoder Translations)
* Upd: Greek language (by Ioannis Tsimpiris)
* Upd: French language (by LeoSavard)
* Upd: Swedish language (by Hugo Löfgren)
* Upd: Polish language (by KumpelStachu)
* Upd: Hindi language (by Amzker)
* Add: Gujarati language (by Amzker)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)


July 15, 2019
* Fix: Fahrenheit temperature in the “Raspberry Info”
* Fix: Print manager


July 08, 2019
* New: Custom commands
* New: Widget for commands
* Add: Ability to sort the commands
* Imp: Improved diagram zoom
* Mod: Migration to AndroidX
* Add: Page with other apps
* Add: Uptime to Raspberry information
* Fix: Raspberry information can be copied
* Fix: Yaw with Sense Hat
* New: Galician language (by JucaNavaz)
* Upd: Polish language (by Barcik)
* Upd: German language (by StillNrOne)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by Farkas Adam)
* Upd: Greek language (by DanniP2)
* Upd: Serbian language (by Gazda_Jova)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by Gary)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Raac)


May 06, 2019
* Upd: Support to Android P
* Add: Time to camera
* Fix: View images from the camera
* Add: Bulgarian language (by Art69itech)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by Man Chung Yin)
* Upd: Polish language (by Adamszopki)
* Upd: French language (by Seres)
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Bhanditz)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Canberk Turan)


March 11, 2019
* Fix: Sudo with roor user
* Mod: Shell improvements and addition of CTRL, ALT… keys
* Add: Pinterest Profile
* Add: Traditional Chinese language (by wky)
* Upd: Czech language (by R3gi)
* Upd: Slovenian language (by Triocoder Translations)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Zed Y)
* Upd: Russian language (by RedGuy)
* Mod: Removed Firebase Invites


January 09, 2019
* Add: Full support to ‘pi’ or other user
* New: GPIO Widget for Home Screen
* New: Choice of impulsive GPIO duration
* New: Settings backup
* Upd: Czech language (by Jirka Vrba and Dartus95)
* Upd: Slovak language (by Marek Valkovic)
* Upd: German language (by Aanonym and Andreas)
* Upd: Finnish language (by Turtleb01)
* Upd: Greek language (by DanniP2)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Murat Yumuşak)


November 17, 2018
* New: Dark theme
* Add: Possibility to zoom in the diagrams
* Fix: Gpio refresh layout
* Fix: Direct/inverse radio buttons
* Add: Slovak language (by Marek Valkovic)
* Upd: Chinese language (by Jim Lee)
* Upd: Spanish language (by Paulo Lira)
* Upd: Polish language (by Nistarek)
* Upd: Russian language (by Eklstone)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Murat Yumuşak)
* Upd: Portuguese language (by Jonathas Silva)
* Upd: Danish language (by Thomas Lauth)
* Upd: Persian language (by Behrouz Kazemi)


September 12, 2018
* Imp: Improved text file reading
* Fix: Crash in capture camera images
* Add: Romanian language (by Alex Petrica)
* Upd: Chinese language (by Jim Lee)
* Upd: French language (by KillerMic)
* Upd: Russian language (by Mihail)
* Fix: English language corrections (by TheBinaryLoop)


August 05, 2018
* Upd: German language (by Chrigi)
* Mod: Removed support for serial number
* Fix: Bug “destroy Activity shell”


July 25, 2018
* Fix: Crash after waking up in the background


July 23, 2018
* New: Text Editor in the File Manager
* Fix: Touch with the terminal not connected
* Fix: Minor bugfix


July 18, 2018
* New: Cpu, Ram, Disk monitoring
* New: BMP sensors
* New: Possibility to order the functions
* New: Resources
* Mod: Improved Shell SSH
* Mod: Improved connetion
* Mod: DS18B20 with recursive reading and possibility to add labels
* Mod: Recursive reading for DHT sensors
* Add: Print support
* Add: Swipe to refresh
* Add: Indonesian language (by Jastria Rahmat)
* Add: Slovenian language (by Triocoder Translations)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by Nguyễn Duy Trung)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Murat Yumuşak)
* Upd: Persian language (by HITMAN2847)
* Imp: Small generic improvements


June 25, 2018
* Mod: Renewed the icon
* Mod: Improved graphical interface
* Imp: Improved File Manager
* Add: Afrikaans language (by Hannes Nell)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas, AntonMC and Jo Bob Nenner)
* Upd: Czech language (by Ikar)
* Upd: Spanish language (by Hackeitos)


April 10, 2018
* Add: Degrees Fahrenheit in the CPU temperature
* Mod: Small graphical changes
* Mod: Monospace font for Shell
* Upd: Russian language (by SuperGarrys)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Peer)


March 05, 2018
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by Marco Freire)
* Upd: Spanish language (by Iri)


January 29, 2018
* Add: Hindi language (by Gunesh Shanbhag)
* Upd: Russian language (by Cheekey_Breekey)
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by Marco Freire)
* Fix: Bug Adapter getView
* Fix: Minor bugfix


December 21, 2017
* Add: Hungarian language (by Farkas Adam, Zolyyy and Zozi)


November 20, 2017
* Add: Czech language (by JanS)
* Add: Norwegian language (by Bjakobs)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by Nguyễn Duy Trung)
* Upd: French language (by Floflo2607)
* Upd: Polish language (by Filo301)
* Fix: Network information with Raspbian 9 stretch
* Fix: Notifications with Android Oreo


October 02, 2017
* New: Home activity
* Fix: Refresh in Info Raspberry PI
* Fix: Open/share files
* Fix: Key not found
* Fix: Listeners in AsyncTask
* Add: Vietnamese language (by Nguyễn Duy Trung)
* Add: Greek language [partial] (by Michael Tsohos)
* Upd: German language (by Ulrich Fischer and Andreas)
* Upd: Portuguese language (by Rafael Filho)
* Upd: Danish language (by Skippersskip)
* Upd: Russian language (by GamaniaTV)


August 09, 2017
* Mod: Import RSA private key
* Fix: Reading negative temperature with DS18B20
* Add: Danish language (by Skippersskip)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Canberk Turan)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)


August 04, 2017
* New: RSA authentication
* New: Translator Tool
* New: Splash screen
* Add: LinkedIn profile
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Fix: ProgressDialog with Android 4


July 04, 2017
* New: Support for DS18B20
* New: Info Raspberry show CPU and GPU temperature
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Fix: Static AsyncTask
* Fix: Device with invalid values


May 31, 2017
* Add: Finnish language (by Juhssi3)
* Upd: French language (by Nathalie Latil)
* Upd: Padding to icon
* Fix: Bug delete 0 files
* Fix: Amazon App Store (uk.amazon.mShop.android) not recognized


March 02, 2017
* New: Support to Sense Hat
* Imp: Improved reading speed of DHT sensor
* Upd: German language (by Ulrich Fischer)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Canberk Turan)
* Fix: Bug “IllegalArgumentException” in the request state of ProKey


March 30, 2017
* Add: App protection with password
* Add: Documentation in the FAQ section
* Mod: Interface colors
* Mod: Settings show selected value
* Upd: Revision codes
* Fix: Shell crash with Android 7
* Fix: Bug “Unable to start activity ComponentInfo” in the request state of ProKey
* Fix: Bug “View not attached to window manager” in the dismiss dialog
* Fix: Amazon App Store not recognized on Android 7
* Add: Polish language (by Marcin Mendowski)
* Add: Persian language (by Sina Kheymedoozi)
* Upd: German language (by leschi)


February 27, 2017
* Add: Degrees Fahrenheit in the temperature reading
* Mod: Renewed translation page
* Mod: New style for AlertDialog and Toast
* Add: Portuguese language (by António Morais)
* Fix: Error “Activity is running?”
* Fix: Removal of empty spaces at the end of the EditText
* Fix: Cursor at the end of EditText
* Fix: Broadcast at wakeonlan


February 03, 2017
* Add: Support for Gpio 2, 3, 7, 14, 15
* New: Modifications to the graphical interface
* Imp: Paste file into the empty folder
* Add: Russian language (by Leet Kladov)
* Fix: German language (by Niko Zonker)
* Fix: Bug “Dialog in OnPostExecute”


January 16, 2017
* Fix: Read/Write file with Android 7
* Fix: Preliminary fix NullPointerExcpetion JSCH connect


December 21, 2016
* Fix: Permission request in Android 6 to write to the SD Card
* Add: Turkish language (by Şerif GÜNGÖR)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Hotatp Fei An)
* Fix: Minor bugfix


November 30, 2016
* Add: Preliminary compatibility with Android 7.1
* Add: Choice “auto scroll” in Shell SSH
* Add: German language (by Christian Bauer)
* Add: Simplified Chinese language (by Hotatp Fei An)
* Fix: DialogFileChooser fixSlashes bug
* Fix: Progress.isShowing
* Fix: Shell scroll bug
* Add: Debug command line


October 24, 2016
* Fix: Camera capture
* Fix: Impulsive button only with GPIO OUT
* Fix: DHT reconfigure bug without connection


October 18, 2016
* New: Camera
* New: Humidity and temperature sensor DHT11/22
* Add: GPIO in reading
* Add: Diagrams
* Imp: Speed of GPIO management
* Add: Swedish language (by Fredrik Hansen)


September 05, 2016
* New: Wake On Lan from Raspberry PI
* Add: GPIO configuration in the ‘Settings’ section
* Fix: Some dialog with Android 4
* Fix: Notification of the closure GPIO configurations


September 01, 2016
* Mod: All functions are free
* Add: Support to Raspberry PI 2 and 3
* Add: Others GPIO
* Add: Pinout GPIO 40pin
* Add: More information about the Raspberry PI
* Add: Faq
* Add: Possibility to translate the app in another language
* Add: Notification of updates
* Add: Preliminary compatibility with Android N
* Add: Preliminary compatibility with Chromebook
* Add: Adv
* Fix: Minor bugfix


February 23, 2015
* New: Material Design Theme for Android 5.0


July 24, 2014
* Add: Support serial number
* Fix: Minor bugfix


June 24, 2014
* Add: Possibility to set gpio settings for each device
* Add: Possibility to reset the settings
* Add: ActionBar


May 28, 2014
* Add: Possibility to use the user Pi (sudo password required for some operations)
* Add: Possibility to choose the language English / Italiano
* Add: Possibility to hide or show the ProKey icon


March 25, 2014
* New: Info Raspberry PI
* Add: Gpio 8, Gpio 9, Gpio 10, Gpio 11, Gpio 27
* Add: Shell with saved commands list
* Add: Impulsive function GPIO


February 19, 2014
* Fix: Minor bugfix


February 17, 2014
* Fix: Fixed error input/output GPIO


February 16, 2014
* New: Shell SSH
* New: Possibility to invert the value of the GPIO button


January 29, 2014
* New: File manager
* Imp: Improved speed commands GPIO


October 14, 2013
* New: Possible to rename the GPIO
* Fix: Corrected toast 01001 after reading Raspberry data


v0.1 beta
October 07, 2013
* Release application