You can use the external "Tasker" application to schedule your custom RaspController commands and send them to the Raspberry Pi

To schedule the commands you can use the third-party application “Tasker” available on the Play Store:




Now you can create your first task:
select the “Tasks” tab, press the “+” button and enter the name of your new task.

Use RaspController Plugin

After your task has been created you need to add an action:

press the “+” button, select “Plugin” and the select “Raspontroller”.



Now you can program the GPIO state.

When you run this task, the GPIO status will be set to “1”.

You can test the correct operation by pressing the “Play” button.


Finally, you can create a “Profile” with the task that should run when the conditions are met.

You need to select the trigger or event that will start the task.