Full Changelog

Electrical Calculations


May 23, 2024
* Add: Impact energy code IK11
* Fix: Crash during PDF creation
* Fix: New email address


May 21,2024
* New: Save report as PDF
* Mod: Improved print layout
* Mod: Improved the calculation for choosing the protection device
* Mod: Various improvements
* Upd: General update of the languages


April 17, 2024
* Fix: Angle seconds now also accept a decimal number


April 15, 2024
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by Dian Panteleev)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Majed Al-Shagdari)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Douglas Braga Coimbra)
* Upd: General update of the languages


February 12, 2024
* New: Added the Canadian Electrical Code standard
* Upd: Icelandic language (by Ebet)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by João Faustino)


January 29, 2024
* Add: Ampacities of covered conductors according to NEC Table 310.21
* Mod: Various improvements in wire size calculation
* Mod: The protection device calculation now returns a list of devices
* Mod: Improved the calculation of the temperature of a conductor
* Mod: Small various improvements
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Czech language (by KuJ3a)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)


January 15, 2024
* Add: Possibility to use or not the derating factor for parallel cables
* Add: hPa in “Pressure conversion”
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] (by Paulo)


December 18, 2023
* Add: The electrical symbols section has been expanded
* Add: Possibility to benefit from a free trial period
* Mod: The paywall has been renewed
* Mod: Improved purchasing and license management
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)


October 23, 2023
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Andarinyo)
* Upd: Thai language (by Pongsathorn Sraouthai)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by 楊武翔)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] (by Wellington Santos)
* Upd: General update of the languages


September 25, 2023
* New: D-types fuses (Neozed and Diazed)
* New: NH fuses
* New: Automotive fuses
* Upd: Bosnian language
* Upd: Bulgarian language
* Upd: Burmese language
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Selçuk HASGÜL)


September 05, 2023
* Add: Wiring color code for Argentina and Chile
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Fix: Dialogs crash
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Add: Thai language
* Upd: General update of the languages
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Add: Africaans language
* Add: Bengali language


June 12, 2023
* Mod: Improved display of temperature in °C and °F
* Fix: Wire size calculation NEC with 14 and 12 awg
* Fix: Frequency formula
* Fix: Fixed some crashes when viewing formulas
* Fix: Crash when multiple dialogs are displayed at the same time
* Add: Icelandic language (by Eggert Thorgrimsson)
* Add: Slovak language (Peter Tkáč)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Salim AKKAS)
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by Pedro Verissimo)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Wensheng Wang)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: General update of the languages


November 30, 2022
* Imp: Improved the Wiring Color Code section
* Imp: Improved definition of continuous loads
* Add: Finnish language
* Upd: Azerbaijani language (by Emin Allahverdi)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Swedish language
* Upd: Ukrainian language
* Fix: Some strings in the Turkish language
* Fix: Guide of conversion Ah / kWh
* Fix: Minor bug fix


October 17, 2022
* Fix: Windows 11 detection in debugging functions
* Fix: Band 3 color error with invalid resistance


September 26, 2022
* Fix: Crash in Corrente d’impiego con parametro non valido
* Fix: Corretto fattore di riduzione per numero conduttori in parallelo
* Fix: Codici condensatori e codici resistori SMD nelle culture che usano la virgola come separatore decimale
* Fix: Range di temperatura delle termocoppie
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua slovena (by Sašo Veternik)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua portoghese [PT] (by L.Sousa)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua portoghese [BR] (by Ogait)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua russa (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua macedone (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua turca (by Levent Başaran)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua albanese
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua indiana
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua cinese semplificata (by 红叶)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua cinese tradizionale
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua bulgara (by Dian Panteleev)
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua norvegese
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua vietnamita
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua danese
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua olandese
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua greca
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua indonesiana
* Upd: Aggiornata lingua coreana


July 12, 2022
* New: Help for each calculation is available
* New: Neutral current
* New: Power distribution systems (TT, TN, IT)
* New: Decoding of capacitor code
* Imp: Improved the calculation of the ampacity of the bus bars
* Add: “LFNC-C” in “Conduit fill” (NEC)
* Add: Dimension and weight of the FG17 cable
* Mod: Now the calculation of the operating current also accepts mixed loads (single-phase / three-phase)
* Mod: Improved the capacitor tolerance table
* Mod: Improved the sum of resistors and capacitors
* Mod: Small improvements in “Fault current of strings”
* Add: Japanese language (by ユーザー)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragančo Velkov)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Majed Al-Shagdari)


May 24, 2022
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Wolfman)
* Upd: Traditional Chinese language (by Fours)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Edson)


April 11, 2022
* New: Voltage divider
* New: Current divider
* New: Zener diode as voltage stabiliser
* New: Battery life
* New: CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator
* New: Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…)
* New: Analog signal values
* New: Joule effect
* Fix: Search calculations with uppercase / lowercase characters


March 22, 2022
* New: Resonant frequency
* New: Antenna length
* New: Capacitor code
* New: Inductor alphanumeric code
* New: Units of measurement
* New: Pipes dimensions
* New: Pinout Sim Card
* New: Pinout display LCD 16×2
* New: Pinout IO-Link
* Fix: Calculation of the motor power factor


March 14, 2022
* New: Maximum short-circuit current
* New: Minimum short-circuit current
* New: Maximum short-circuit current with transformer substation
* New: Calculation of the cable temperature
* New: SMD resistor code
* New: Risk assessment of overvoltages with atmospheric origin
* New: Byte conversion
* New: Angle conversion
* New: EV charging plugs
* New: Wiring color codes
* New: SI Prefixes
* New: Pinout Jack
* New: Pinout Thunderbolt
* New: Pinout SD Card
* Fix: Cache of some conversion pages


March 06, 2022
* New: Admissible let-through energy of the cable (K²S²)
* New: Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV
* New: Primary/Secondary winding of transformer
* New: Earthing system
* New: Motor terminals marking
* New: Insulation class of the motor
* New: RPM – rad/s – m/s conversion
* New: Frequency / Angular speed conversion
* New: C-Form Sockets (IEC 60309)
* New: Nema connectors
* New: Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio)
* New: Pinout OBD II
* New: Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX)
* New: Pinout MIDI
* Fix: Crash in the command bar of the resolution table


March 01, 2022
* New: Operating current
* New: Current carrying capacity of bare conductors
* New: Current carrying capacity of busbar
* New: Motor full load current
* New: Motor connections
* New: Ah – kWh conversion
* New: Gauss – Tesla conversion
* New: CCTV resolutions
* New: Thermocouple colour codes and data
* New: Electricity around the world
* New: Plug and socket types
* New: IEC 60320 connectors
* New: Pinout DisplayPort
* New: Pinout PS2
* New: Pinout Raspberry Pi


February 18, 2022
* New: Reactance
* New: Impedance from resistance and reactance
* New: Power factor correction
* New: Capacitor power at different voltage
* New: Conductor resistance
* New: Power losses in cables
* New: Power / Maximum torque
* New: Torque conversion
* New: Atex marking
* New: Pinout Molex
* New: Pinout Sata
* New: Pinout Apple Lightning
* New: Pinout Apple Dock Connector
* Fix: Minor bug fix


February 07, 2022
* New: Conduit fill
* New: Sum resistor / capacitor
* New: Motor from three-phase to single-phase
* New: Capacitor start motor single-phase
* New: Temperature conversion
* New: Pressure conversion
* New: Dimensions and weight of cables
* New: IP/IK/NEMA protection classes
* New: Pinout RS232
* New: Pinout FireWire
* Fix: Wire Size NEC section with large sections
* Fix: Improved app update


January 31, 2022
* New: Sizing the circuit-breaker
* New: Motor current, power, voltage, power factor, efficiency
* New: Resistance to reduce voltage
* New: Resistance for led
* New: Δ-Y conversion
* New: Voltage (Amplitude) conversion
* New: Energy conversion
* New: Standard resistor values
* New: Table of cables reactance
* New: Table of resistivity and conductivity
* New: Table of unitary voltage drop
* New: Tripping curves
* New: Pinout VGA
* New: Pinout DVI
* Fix: Crash of Settings page when default horsepower type is displayed
* Fix: Formatting units of measure less than 1


January 21, 2022
* New: Wire size
* New: Calculation of voltage drop
* New: Maximum wire length
* New: Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors
* New: Resistor color code
* New: Inductor color code
* New: Resistor colors from value
* New: Fuses
* New: ANSI standard device numbers
* New: Electrical symbols
* New: Section conversion
* New: AWG conversion table
* New: SWG conversion table
* New: Imperial / metric conductor size comparison
* New: Pinout RJ-9,11,14,25,48
* New: Pinout Scart
* Fix: Page cache
* Fix: Improved the print function
* Fix: Comma separator


January 08, 2022
* Fix: Crash when opening a calculation
* Fix: Crash when resetting the app


January 04, 2022
* Upd: Application release