Lighting Calculations

All calculations concerning the lighting

“Lighting Calculations” is the best app in the field of lighting, it has lots of calculations that can help you in your work. It can not miss in your smartphone!


Main calculations:
Calculation of total flux [PRO], Quantity of luminaires, Luminous efficacy calculation, Color codes of fluorescent tubes, Power factor correction, Power supply for strip led, Illuminance on the surface [PRO], Energy saving lamp, Photobiological safety of led, Specific power [PRO].

Lumens to Lux, Lux to Lumens, Lumens to Watts, Watts to Lumens, Lux to Watts, Watts to Lux, Lumens to Candela, Candela to Lumens, Lux to Candela, Candela to Lux, Lux / Foot-Candle, Compare power, Luminance to Exposure value [PRO], Exposure value to Luminance [PRO], Illuminance to Exposure value [PRO], Exposure value to Illuminance [PRO], Luminance converter [PRO], Illuminance converter [PRO], Kelvin to RGB, RGB/HEX conversion, RGB/CMYK conversion.

Lighting requirements for interiors, Types of lamp [PRO], Fittings of lamp [PRO], Bulb shapes, Fluorescent tubes [PRO], Generic tables for power factor correction lamps 220V, Table of luminous efficacy, Color temperature, Kruithof curve, Visible spectrum, Typical led characteristics [PRO], SMD Led, Unit of measurement, Symbols, New EU energy label, Unified Glare Rating, Color Rendering Index.

The app also contains a very useful form. [PRO].


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