Full Changelog



* Upd: Turkish language (by Melih Can Demir)
* Upd: Russian langauge (by Penggrin)


* Fix: Info Raspberry Pi on iPad
* Fix: Crash on undoing recursive deletion
* Upd: Dutch language (by HnsMldr)


* Fix: Mutex lock on SFTP operations
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Caca)
* Upd: Norwegian language (by Wizaaard)
* Upd: General update of the languages


* Fix: Bad access on device ping
* Fix: Some links to resorces


* New: Ability to see reachable hosts
* Add: Pull to refresh in “Gpio”, “Info” and “Processes”
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Upd: Purchases library
* Fix: Interstitial manager
* Upd: Arabic language (by DZ Inventors)
* Upd: German language
* Upd: Hindi language
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language
* Upd: Vietnamese language
* Upd: General update of the languages


* Add: Ability to modify shutdown / reboot commands
* Add: SSH Key generation
* Add: Raspberry Pico W pinout
* Mod: Improved iOS on Mac compatibility
* Mod: Various improvements
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Upd: Vietnamese language
* Upd: Polish language (by Gabriel Markowski and Bartek)


* Mod: Improved the handling of the terminal keys
* Add: Ability to view the password
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Aaron Lu)
* Upd: Hungarian language (by NR-SkaterBoy)
* Upd: Korean language (by Jeong Jimin)
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)


* Mod: The Sense Hat script now uses python 3
* Fix: “Iso” crash in Legacy camera settings
* Upd: German language (by nlssy)
* Mod: AdMob Mediation


* New: Camera images using the new libcamera (Raspberry OS Bullseye only)
* New: Support to Sense Hat
* Add: Button to reset camera settings
* Fix: Links to some resources
* Fix: Shutdown and reboot command on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS
* Fix: Improved the package installation verification command
* Upd: Polish language (by Tomek Bielaszewski)
* Upd: Indonesian language (by Beha Janda)
* Upd: Catalan language (by Nil Caballero i Milà (Nilcm01))
* Upd: Dutch language (by Jonathan Bout)
* Upd: French language (by HugoLeBG)


* Fix: Sudo verification error with some distribution
* Fix: Minor bugfix


* Fix: Minor bug fix


* Mod: Improved detection of 32 or 64 bits operating system
* Fix: Mutex locks
* Upd: General update of the languages


* Add: “Info Raspberry Pi” now shows whether the operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit
* Fix: Session check before closing shell channel
* Add: Traditional Chinese language (by wky, Man Chung Yin, Gary and Wolf yuan)
* Upd: Polish language (by Pietia)


* Mod: Move the default “shutdown/reboot” commands a few places
* Upd: Catalan language (by escufi)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by KylinDemons)
* Upd: French language (by Sébastien Pivain-Leroy)
* Upd: General update of the languages


* Mod: Improved license management
* Upd: Polish language (by Patryk Plociennik)
* Upd: German language (by Robert and Jacqueline Klein)
* Upd: Russian language (by vasheChydo)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Mhamad Awidah)
* Upd: Czech language (by Šebestíček)
* Upd: Dutch language (by Tokkes)


* Add: Network data monitoring
* Add: Default commands
* Add: Shell text size adjustment
* Fix: Multiple file downloads
* Fix: Shell crash
* Fix: Viewing network data with iOS 15
* Fix: Folder size reading
* Fix: Disabling “Smart quotes” in custom widgets commands
* Fix: Minor bug fix
* Add: Ukrainian language (by Brain Fox)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by RainThings)
* Upd: Czech language (by TyphousCrane654)


* Add: Lifetime purchase
* Mod: Improved the speed of copying files between remote locations
* Add: Support for elliptical SSH keys
* Add: Ability to sort features
* Add: Ability to hide unused features
* Fix: DS18B20 sensor reading with address other than 28-*
* Fix: Minor bug fix


* New: Camera Pi Module
* New: Camera USB
* New: Processes
* New: Wake On Lan
* New: Support for DHT sensor
* New: Support for BMP sensor
* New: Support for DS18B20 sensor
* New: User widgets
* Add: Text editor to File Manager
* Fix: Remote copy error when selecting multiple files
* Fix: Reset app (Delete all settings)


* App release